About Us

In this day and age, increasing numbers of retail investors are inclining towards investment-based earnings through entrepreneurship, startups and more. A similarly large number is also failing because they simply don’t look before they leap. To make sure you don’t end up the same, we welcome you to Investment Academy.

Founded with the idea of making the daunting realm of investment and finances a little less overwhelming, Investment academy is an educational venture where we teach you the art of smart investing. Whether you are gunning for the world of stock trading and stock investments, or you’re more into mutual funds, nothing is impossible to master with our educational videos. Technicalities and complicated jargon once known only to business majors will be boiled down to the simplest of concepts and passed on to you in the most intuitive of presentations, all for a price tough to beat.

Investment Academy has the honour of educating thousands of new retail investors in understanding the complex world of finances from market types, trends, practical tips and tricks and professional advice from our team. Get discovered, indexed and stay ahead of all your competitors through our Youtube channel. Investment Academy blogs are themselves a stock-load of regularly updated articles and posts about recent developments and new financial products to put your money on.

Our brilliantly animated videos and amazingly informative blog posts have helped scores of today’s stock market brokers understand the market from scratch. From once being intimidated by the huge screens of red and green trading numbers, they have progressed to commanding their respective markets with confidence and knowledge. They’re earning a thousand times the amount they paid to learn it all from us and now so can you.

Not only the stock market, we provide informative videos and blog posts for managing personal finances with intelligence and ease. Mutual fund is an aspect of the investment world that is gaining ground fast and Investment Academy has the knowledge, tips and tricks for you to avail and succeed. It really is that simple.

So, ready to own the investment world and make millions? Great, let’s get started.