5 steps to start a strong financial year in 2020

It is always smart to plan your financial goals for the year at the beginning of it. Sum up your current year finance allocation and rely on your experience.


Budget your finances monthly

First of all, budget your finances monthly. Although you may think budgeting is too basic to have a successful financial year, it is one of the primary keys to sustainable financial status. It is the best tool to take control of your finances and change your future. The important thing is to distinguish between your needs and wants. What is that you really need to spend money and what can wait till your savings are increased.

Getting out of debt

The second step is getting out of debt. Nowadays, there are a lot of financial planners who help you to get out of debt very quickly by helping to decide which loan you should get out of first. This way, your earnings will be increased, and you will have more investment opportunities than before. 

Build an emergency fund

The third step is to build an emergency fund. You can never know what life may bring you, so making an emergency fund for such a situation will definitely be advantageous. It is a safety cushion in case you lose your job, or have health and medical emergencies, etc. In case you have an unstable job, you may want to cover a year of expenses in an emergency fund. This way, it will help you get out of debt by not adding extra burden on you. 

Investing in your retirement fund

The fourth step is thinking about the future and investing in your retirement fund. Financial advisers say, spending about 15% of your annual gross income to your retirement fund will ensure your sustainable future. In addition to the retirement fund, you should also begin to deposit money for your child’s education or other future expenses. 

Invest and diversify your portfolio

The fifth and most common step is to invest and diversify your portfolio. You can use various tools such as mutual funds, annuities, or real estate for diversifying your portfolio. If you are cautious and consistent with your investment, you will notice how your returns on investment overweight your net income. 
Overall, the key to starting a strong financial year is by planning beforehand. As advised by a certified financial planner, Tyler Huck, it is always smart to have a game plan going to the following year, especially if you are planning saving-wise. First of all, understand what is it you want to accomplish by the end of 2020 and plan it step by step to reach your goal. Make a to-do list by the end of the year preferably mentioning your monthly expense budget, understanding your needs and wants and plan it accordingly. As you complete your list reread it and make sure you haven’t missed anything. Be sure those are in line with your goals and get ready for your strong and sustainable financial year, which will also be the base to the further sustainability of your finances.
January 2, 2020

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