Are you a Passive Investor? Here are some options for you to invest passively

Retirement is inevitable; whether you have 10, 20 or 30 years before it comes, it will be of great benefit if you start thinking about it. Most people worry about how life will be after they can no longer be engaged in gainful employment. Will I still manage my current lifestyle? Will my children be able to get the quality and level of education they need? Will I still manage to pay off my mortgage? If this is you and you have no time to make extra money, do not panic. Thousands of people out there are making money without getting out of their comfort zone and you can too;
The options discussed below require that you have at least some savings.
Real estate
The real estate sector has seen some tough times in recent years. If your goal is to invest for the long term then period challenges should not discourage you. Remember, as the world populations continue to rise, the demand for quality and affordable housing will also go up. The actual cost of real estate investments could be high but once tenants have been installed, there is nothing to do apart from wait for your rent.


Peer-to-peer lending
This is what is known in other jurisdictions as table banking. People come together in groups and agree on a self-help cycle that benefits all of them. As an investor, you can get into an arrangement with such groups to lend them money. The money obtained from investors in this way is borrowed by the members of the group at an interest fee. At the end of a financial cycle, members receive dividends and the investor gets their profit making it win-win for everyone involved.


Stock dividends
This is an investment option you can easily get into without much technical knowledge. Investors in dividend stocks are actually paid to own shares of a company. Although the system of paying out dividends varies from one company to another, most companies pay investors once per year. The dividends can either be plowed back to buy more stock for an investor or use as you would use a salary. For guaranteed income from stocks, investors need to put their money into companies that have a long term record of paying dividends consistently.


When a hands-off approach is the only way available for growing your money, the above passive investment options will simplify your life and assist you to meet your financial goals.
April 29, 2019

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