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Personal Finance

Investing 101: How does a hedge fund work? 

Nowadays, investors have various options in the stock market. A pooled investment vehicle is one way of investing your money …Read More

Profile PhotoLily AboyanJanuary 20, 2020

How to use ladders, barbells, and bullets as investment strategies?

When investing in financial, FX, or other markets, investors face various risks, including interest rate risk, inflation risk, call risk, …Read More

Profile PhotoLily AboyanJanuary 9, 2020

5 steps to start a strong financial year in 2020

It is always smart to plan your financial goals for the year at the beginning of it. Sum up your …Read More

Profile PhotoLily AboyanJanuary 6, 2020

How to diversify your real estate portfolio?

Since the housing bubble in 2007-2008, the economy has recovered very slowly but with steady steps. Nowadays, the US real …Read More

Profile PhotoLily AboyanJanuary 2, 2020

Should you rent or buy a house to save money?

When thinking about moving, it is important to consider every option before you make your final decision. This applies to …Read More

Profile PhotoLily AboyanDecember 2, 2019

How to invest for early retirement?

We all have some associations with the phrase “retirement age” like people in their 60’s, who no longer can work …Read More

Profile PhotoLily AboyanNovember 28, 2019