Financial statements may seem complex, but this course makes it very easy for you!

Many successful business OWNERS and MANAGERS have trouble reading financial statements.

STUDENTS in business school have trouble understanding them.

All because they are not properly taught the easy way to understand financial statements.

This course explains and demonstrates all the concepts in very simple terms that are easy to understand.

You will also see how financial statements are used in a business.

You will even learn the basics of accounting in a 17-minute video!

Includes videos and an easy-to-read reference book so you can continue your learning in the future.

This course is guaranteed to be the fastest way to learn how to read and prepare financial statements.

No prior knowledge needed.

Let’s get started!


Topics include:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income (P&L) Statement
  • Cash Flow
  • Budget
  • Accounting Basics

Perfect for:

  • Business Students
  • Business Owners
  • Startup Founders
  • Current and aspiring Managers


Course Curriculum

About this Course 00:00:00
Your Free Learning & Activity Book 00:04:00
Accounting & Finance Basics
Learn Accounting & Financial Statement Basics in 17 minutes 00:17:00
Cash Flow & Budget
Importance of Cash 00:00:30
Cash Flow 00:01:00
Cash Flow Statement 00:04:00
Budget & Cash 00:02:00
Overspending & Underspending 00:02:00
Income Statement
Financial Statements 00:01:00
Revenue & Expenses 00:04:00
Net Profit & Gross Profit 00:02:00
COGS and COS 00:01:00
Other Income 00:02:00
Period 00:00:15
Retained Earnings 00:03:00
Relationship to Balance Sheet 00:01:00
Review the INCOME STATEMENT in GoVenture Food Truck 00:08:00
Balance Sheet
Financial Statements 00:01:00
Assets and Liabilities 00:03:00
Business Value 00:03:00
Equity 00:04:00
Increasing Equity 00:04:00
Balance 00:00:02
Dividends and Retained Earnings 00:02:00
Period 00:00:10
Review the BALANCE SHEET in GoVenture Food Truck 00:10:00
End of Course and Next Steps
End of Course and Next Steps 00:00:50

Course Reviews


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  1. 5

    I highly recommend this course to university and college students! The instructor breaks down all the concepts of financial statements in an easy to understand manner. This was way more helpful than my textbook/professor.

  2. 5

    Would highly recommend if you want to learn about all aspects of financial statement. Worth it!