Each and every single month there are large movements generated in the FX markets as a direct result of economic news announcements. It is what the large institutional traders utilise to make huge returns each year and as a individual private trader you can do exactly the same. This course will help to align you with the professional traders and, if you are new to news based trading, give you a whole new way of viewing the markets.
This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to trading these powerful economic news announcements including how to prepare for, and then take full advantage of trading opportunities presented to you every month. High impact news events create large and fast movements and the course is dedicated to helping you master the art of trading them safely and successfully. In addition to learning to physically trade the news, this course will provide you with a more solid understanding of the news and how it impacts the currency markets specifically. This knowledge will provide huge benefits to your trading results, irrelevant of your current trading style.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is perfect for traders of all abilities and experience but who, as a minimum, have a basic understanding of trading
  • Best suited for traders who are looking for a way of trading which is time efficient
  • Ideal for traders who have a technical background, but little understanding of the fundamentals/news
  • Excellent for traders who struggle with the complexity of technical based trading and are looking for a more straightforward trading style
  • Traders who are not making consistent profits

Course Curriculum

Welcome & Introduction
Course Disclaimer & Copyright 00:10:00
Welcome & Introduction 00:16:04
Opening your trading / broker account
Why your choice of broker is KEY 00:17:04
Demonstration Video – Opening your trading account 00:06:03
3 step process to opening your account 00:00:00
Getting familiar with economic news
Economic News Explained 00:18:17
Take the QUIZ! 00:00:00
Trading the News
Why trade the news? 00:14:01
What news to trade? 00:15:16
What currencies to focus on? 00:04:12
Is a currency strong or weak? (The Long Term View) 00:14:16
A brilliant Central Bank resource! 00:20:16
Is a currency strong or weak? (The Short Term View) 00:10:21
Trading strong vs weak 00:12:25
Currency Watch-list Example 00:01:00
Take the QUIZ! 00:00:00
Setting yourself up like a PRO-TRADER
The resources you need 00:16:10
Demonstration Video – Forexfactory.com 00:08:07
Demonstration Video – FXPro Squawk Feed 00:10:09
Forex News Gun – Download Instructions 00:05:00
Demonstration Video – Forex News Gun 00:05:30
Demonstration video – News Impact DataFlash (replacement for the FNG) 00:06:35
News Impact DataFlash Setup Instructions (replacement for the FNG) 00:00:50
Take the QUIZ! 00:00:00
Placing The Trade
Creating a trading plan / idea 00:14:07
Executing the trade – Determining your Entry, Stop & Target 00:11:09
Management of the trade & summary 00:11:14
Demonstration Video – FXPro MT4 00:12:10
Demonstration Video – FxPro C-Trader 00:10:12
Demonstration Video – Closing a trade after 1 hour if not done as expected 00:02:28
Take the QUIZ! 00:00:00
Risk Managing Your Trades
Risk Management & working out your trade quantity 00:15:16
Demonstration Video – Earn Forex Position Size Calculator 00:06:23
Take the QUIZ! 00:00:00
Trade Examples
Case Studies 00:15:32
You Ongoing Support
Next steps 00:03:22
Trader Transformation Membership Service – Intro video! 00:02:33
A small peek into our trader mentoring service… 00:59:12
How the mentoring service preempted the USD move! 00:05:29
Full re-cap 00:08:28
How to predict the largest movements from news… 00:05:20
Understanding & trading market turmoil successfully! 00:38:30
Student Interviews!
Student Interview #1 – Paul, UK 00:38:15
Student Interview #2 – Jean, South Africa 00:58:23
Student Interview #3 – Gavin, UK 00:55:16
Student Interview #4 – Connor, Australia 00:40:01
Student Interview #5 – Lourens, South Africa 00:35:34
Student Interview #6 – Lourens, South Africa (UPDATE) 00:02:02
Student Case Study #7 Allysha, Australia 00:11:21

Course Reviews


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  1. 5

    Wow, wow, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m speechless on the value delivered so far! And a little nervous! When the student is ready THE TEACHER SHALL APPEAR! Everything I have been looking for. Thx bro!!!!!!!!

  2. 5

    Very solid course. No frilly rubbish or beating around the bush. Lays out his strategy, a simple but seemingly robust one, and shows loads of practical examples of it. Good job.

  3. 5

    Amazing course. One must take the course to be a pro trader.

  4. 4

    I like this course, easy to understand and follow the methods described. It still comes down to the individual and how the individual executed their trades.

  5. 4

    EXCELLENT! It needs more specific points thought in my opinion.

  6. 4

    I’ve been trading with the same global macro-fundamental approach to the forex market for about two years now and have come to more or less the same approach. Even if you’re an experienced trader, this course is still invaluable for its huge number of live trading examples.

  7. 5

    The system in whole is straight forward and simple to follow. The instructor kept the videos short and was easy to follow which help keep interested. I learned a lot…Thank You

  8. 3

    Although I have been involved trading the fundamentals before, there is a lot of quirky information that I had not known about. The more knowledge the better and this course definitely helps with that.

  9. 5

    Before this course I tried to be an exclusively technical trader. It wasn’t working out for me. This course gave me an alternative approach to trading. I now have much better focus and find it easier to prepare for my trading day. This course is worth taking This course is not offering a replacement for technical analysis but rather fills in a missing piece of what should be part of any trader’s toolkit.because, among other things, there are over 500 videos of live trades where you can see why the instructor took the trades that he did.I unequivocally recommend taking this course.

  10. 3

    Excellent course, It has turned my trading completely from directionless to sharp and focused. I am glad that I did this course . I am just three days into the course and I can already see the difference 🙂

  11. 5

    Once I started Watching I could not stop watching the next video and hardly put my phone down, the idea of trading the news has completely changed my trading Im yet to put all the learning to practice, but by taking this course alone it has opened my eyes to fundementals, and im very confident that it will pay off once I start using the knowledge ive gained so far.

  12. 4

    The Live Trades that are incorporated in this course are excellent features. The detailed explanation that comes with these each and every trade are priceless! Tom is explaining and showing you why, when and how he is trading those trades. Simply beautiful and extraordinary.

  13. 5

    Trading on the news! Such great insight that takes much of the guesswork and worries out. The release of Forex news gives the exact time and date to set buy or sell trades.

  14. 4

    I have traded with technical indicators for about 5 years on and off until the past year, having come under retirement pressure with no income and a slowed economy in RSA. I made some bad losses so reverted to demo trading for safety and practice. Having been taught in several courses to stay away from the large swings that only the banks and institutions can operate in. Somehow I always queried the logic and fairness of the market, until I found this course and watched the various video interviews two of which are fellow South Africans. I also do not trust any of the local brokers to deal with as I see them as Market Makers.

  15. 4

    Great work. An eye opener on trading the news even for experienced traders. I am greatly impacted. Keep up the good work.

  16. 4

    A very well thought out course. Tom explains everything in a very easy to understandable way, providing many examples to back up the course material. Money well spent in my opinion. A great course! Thanks Tom!

  17. 4

    I simply love this course, Tom is awesome. I found the videos very informative with clear directions what to focus on while trading Forex. I am coming from no knowledge background to Forex trading. With Tom’s advice via this course and his dedicated mentoring service, i am proud to call myself a pro trader just less than a month of little hard work, i said “hard work” since i am coming from no knowledge background. Now i am already having some insight in understanding the terminologies, i am pretty sure it will be just bagging pips while closing reading Tom’s daily digest emails and follow his recommendations. I am very happy i have enrolled in this course and now i also have Tom as my personnel analyst via his mentoring service. I will highly recommend this course for anyone who is starting Forex trading. Also others to get a better picture on how to trade the news events in Forex.