This course explores the thought processes, tools, and strategies used by millionaires around the world to attain financial freedom, and explains how you can use them in your everyday life to develop wealth of your own.

Learn and master the same strategies and habits used by the wealthy to develop passive income streams and attain financial freedom

Create and use a financial statement to chart your financial course

Start your own small business and get out of the rat race

Create steady passive income streams using assets

Money is something we all have to learn how to manage. Some people do it better than others. Have you ever wondered what the truly successful do differently than everyone else? Well-known millionaires like Warren Buffet and Robert Kiyosaki use simple and timeless blueprints for creating wealth. This course is structured to provide you with a game plan for creating the same kind of success in your life, regardless of your current situation.

Changing our habits can be a daunting process, and it’s almost impossible to do alone! Through video instruction and practical application, this course will help you gain the patterns and skills you need to take your financial development to the next level.

Course Curriculum

Welcome Video 00:04:00
Success is a Habit
Habits for Success Part 1 00:09:00
Habits for Success Part 2 00:16:00
The Goal Worksheet 00:04:00
Homework Assignment 00:02:00
The Financial Statement
The Income Statement 00:20:00
The Four I Monster 00:03:00
Income Statement Homework 00:04:00
The Balance Sheet 00:14:00
Types of Debt 00:05:00
Balance Sheet Homework 00:00:00
Creating Margin
How to Create Margin 00:14:00
Creating Margin Homework 00:04:00
Investing Basics
Investing 101 00:18:00
Starting a Small Business 00:16:00
Growing Beyond Yourself 00:09:00
Real Estate
Becoming a Landlord 00:16:00
Managing Rental Customers 00:12:00
Final Remarks 00:01:00

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