Does your Business really need a Business App?

The smartphone revolution is here and with its revolutionary component of business marketing – Apps! Every business has a mobile app in one or another stage of development. Honestly, people who own smartphones spend more than two hours a day glued to their phone. Considering that more than 50% of the world population have access to a smartphone, this is quite a huge audience to ignore. With an app, a business has a gentle way of reminding mobile phone users about its products, discounts, and offers. Well, you have to first market your app before it can start bringing in monetary gain, but do you really need it?
Who is your target audience?
The age, intellectual ability, and general demographics should give you an idea of the group of people who will be using your app. How many from your audience will take the time or find it necessary to download the app? Your analysis of your audience will also give you an idea of which phone OS between IOS and Android is most preferred.


What is your budget?
It is quite costly to develop a mobile app and do not even try looking, there is no DIY for this. Professional software developers charge per hour for projects so the complexity of your app and what you need it to accomplish will greatly affect the cost. Did you know that app development does not end with launching your app? You have to optimize your app for compatibility with most mobile phones, and this is costly.  If the cost of creating, maintaining and optimizing an app is beyond what you can afford, why not just settle for mobile advertising which is cheaper?


What is the content of your app?
In order to keep your customers interested in using your app and new ones curious enough to come in, you need to constantly update the content. People are always on the lookout for new information, concepts and ideas to keep their thoughts engaged. If there is nothing new on your app, then your audience becomes bored and you start losing them.



The decision to have an app for business lies with the owner or management. If the profit derived from having an app covers the cost of developing it and connects to potential customers in a manner that boosts business, you really should have an app.
May 6, 2019

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