High returns Cryptocurrency Investment for 2019

2018 may have closed with bearish trends but that is no setback for traders who are looking to make some profit from cryptocurrency. There is obviously some caution in handpicking which coins to buy for decent profits and everyone is optimistic. For traders who have been in the game for a while, this is the year to join the big boys’ league while investors cross their fingers hoping that high returns come their way. So, how far has investing in cryptocurrency come?
The Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and like many new investment channels, did not turn many heads. The first real ripple happened in 2013 but it is in 2017 that the Bitcoin really blew up. Since then, many other cryptocurrencies have been introduced into the market – the market value for all cryptocurrencies in March 2017 was about $21 billion whereas, in 2019, it is estimated to be more than $454 billion. Here is a breakdown of cryptocurrencies that will perform well in 2019, to yield high returns;
If you are new to cryptocurrency investment, you probably think that Bitcoin is the only one. Well, it is the leading cryptocurrency with a market share of more than 40%. The price of Bitcoin fluctuates a lot but investors are still able to make profits by investing strategically. Before you invest here, do some research to know what is happening but expect high returns.



Ethereum experienced over 3000% growth in 2017 listing second after Bitcoin. Nobody really knows what the future holds for Ethereum but they are recovering from a systems hack that happened in 2018. Finance experts predict that the market cap of Ethereum could hit the $200 billion mark by the end of 2019.



Ripple (XRP)
Experienced cryptocurrency traders hold high hopes for XRP which they term as stable and well performing. There are concerns that the trading price never went beyond a dollar but its stability has earned it third place. Its popularity is not only for making money from cryptocurrency but also from use as a secure online payment system.



Litecoin (LTC)
Litecoin has proven to be quite reliable as a cryptocurrency investment option. For its stability and trading volume, Litecoin has braved the bearish tides to keep afloat. The popularity of Litecoin is based on the fact that it was created as an improvement of the Bitcoin. So long as the Bitcoin is doing well, Litecoin is worth investing in.



As with all other investments, putting your money into any of the above cryptocurrencies is a huge risk. You hope to make a profit but there is also a chance that you will make a loss. The best approach to investing is to go in with an open mind.
May 13, 2019

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