Marketing Your Business during Coronavirus

The net is floating with information about the pandemic coronavirus these days, ways of avoiding the disease, techniques for washing your hands, and how to practice social distancing, and what steps to take in case a person is infected with the virus, and so on. However, apart from personal concerns, owners of small businesses are also facing several professional worries. Here are some of those simple yet valuable tips for marketing your business during coronavirus.

1. Email marketing

Irrespective of whether you are running a Business to Consumer or a Business to Business venture, email marketing is an excellent way to get connected with your clients. If you run a B2B business, you can utilize the time to follow-up with your existing leads by sending them email newsletters. It should be understood that for eCommerce and B2C businesses customers prefer to buy from only those brands that they trust. In this global turmoil, email marketing is an excellent way to build up the trust of your customers.

2. Marketing on social media platforms

Today, people are online for more hours than ever before. As so many people are working from their homes these days, children are attending online classes at their homes and everyone is trying to stay in their houses as much as possible to avoid getting infected from the Coronavirus, more and more people are sticking to different social media platforms right now. Hence, a business owner should make sure to do a large part of their marketing activities on these platforms.

3. SEO Marketing

As mentioned earlier, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, people are spending more time online than walking or driving. As such, there has been a significant surge in the online search traffic in recent days and it will go up even further. Most people keep looking at their phones and computers to search for the latest updates. Hence, anything posted online now will be noticed by a greater number of people than ever before. As a business owner, you should utilize this practice by using SEO or search engine optimization strategies so that your business page gets displayed at the top of search engine results and people can easily find your business.

4. Make sure that your business is flexible and stay in touch with your customers

When the situation is as fluid as it is today, your business should also exhibit flexibility. It is time for you to come up with various innovative ways to get connected with your consumers like never before. Your business should show empathy towards them and be relevant at such a crucial juncture. Restaurants, for instance, are shutting down their operations because their customers have stopped dining out. Instead, they should provide free delivery services to stay relevant.

5. In an extraordinary circumstance like this, come up with special offers

As the time period is uncertain now, business owners have the chance to demonstrate their support and empathy for their consumer base. They can do so by providing special discounts, which will keep generating their revenues. Create special offers as people are continuously seeking for special discounts so that their money can be saved at a time like this. Your specials offers can be pushed for example through social media or PPC or pay-per-click advertising. 

April 9, 2020

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