Monthly Money Saving Tips – Smart Tips to Save Big on Your Next Internet Bill

Internet and phone bills are perhaps one of your biggest expenses. If you want to save money each month, the best place to look is at your internet bill. Newsflash: there are plenty of ways to cut your upcoming internet bill.

#1. Ask Your ISP – You May Be Eligible for a Subsidy

Gone are the days when the internet was a preserve of the elite and businesses, even government has been rigorously negotiating with major ISPs to provider internet for individuals in certain situations. Visit or call your ISP; you might be qualified for one of these subsidies meant for low-income classes, people who live in public housing, those who reside in assisted living quarters, and so forth.

#2. Enlist Help from Third-Party Negotiators

Third-party negotiators are a diamond in the rough. These are private firms that’ll negotiate with your ISP for deals, discounts, bandwidth increases, better features, and much more. Just mail them your last bill, and they will do their charm.

#3. Purchase Your Own Router

Most ISPs provide you with a router that attracts something between $5 and $10 each month. That means having your owner router eliminates up to $10 from your bill. Not too shabby, right? The good thing is that routers are compatible with most ISP, giving you no headache if you ever want to switch to another provider.

#4. Switch to Internet TV platforms

If you don’t use extensively services that come bundled with your internet, including cable TV or phone, you need to cut the cord and go for basic internet packages. That action alone can save you up to $100 on your next bill. Use web platforms like Hulu or Netflix (which you may already have subscriptions) to watch your favorite shows.

#5. Negotiate Your Bill

Internet bills have the tendency to go up for myriad reasons – end of the promotion, tariff revision, miscellaneous fees, and so forth. But, if many ISPs serve your neighborhood, you have ground to threaten your current provider that you will switch to the rival if they can’t bring down the monthly charge. It’s been done before, and you can do it – there’s nothing unethical about getting a bang for your top dollar.

#6. Check out upcoming providers

ISP sector welcomes more vibrant startups every year. These vibrant new players are always willing to offer better services at a fraction of what you are paying now.

#7. Avoid Overuse

If you tend to go over the allocated bandwidth, you better get your act together or switch to a better package.

#8. Check Your Speed

Speed is what you are paying for. If you don’t use your internet heavily, it’s better to opt for cheaper, lower-speed packages that meet your needs.


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