Cryptocurrencies For Beginners



Hello, I`m Michael

Welcome to my course “Cryptocurrencies How To Start” 

A course in which you will learn basic cryptocurrencies. After this course you will be able to using cryptocurrencies as your traditional money.

No matter what country you live actually. All you need is internet access, a mobile phone and a computer to learn about this technology.

So what will you learn? 

  • How and where you can to buy cryptocurrency.

  • How to use Google Authenticator.

  • Where to store cryptocurrencies.

  • How to secure yourself against cyber theft.

  • How to use the digital wallet.

  • Sending and receiving cryptocurrency step by step.

  • Using cryptocurrencies.

  • Operating digital wallet.

  • Using stock exchange.

  • Buying cryptocurrencies.

  • Selling cryptocurrencies.

  • Basic cryptocurrencies.

  • SEND cryptocurrencies.

  • RECEIVE cryptocurrencies.

  • Secure own cryptocurrecies.

  • Using Ledger Nano S.

The world is changing now. If you do not learn it, you may have trouble to function in “new” world.

Best regards,


Attention please

Sorry but in this course not have investment advices.

This course is with English subtitles.


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