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I`m Michael aka Dj Mike.

Welcome to my course “From Zero To DJ

A course in which you will learn how to become a DJ in no time.

So what will you learn?

  • What is the music track like (of which musical piece consists).
  • How to mix live music.
  • How to mix disco polo and dance songs.
  • How to mix club songs.
  • How to mix old hits.
  • How to mix RnB songs.
  • How to use microphone.
  • How to set the echo effect (so-called reverb) for the microphone.
  • What to say on the microphone during the party.
  • How to play every party.

All videos in this course were explained through Closed Captions.

I inviting you to participate in this course.

Best regards,



Dj Mike for over 10 years behind the console. He played in most places in Poland. He loves music from birth. It presents different types of music and invites everyone to dance. He played as a DJ in the club and at a wedding. His motto: DJ is for people.


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