How to create an online course



In this course you will learn a simple step by step process of how to create your own online course from start to finish. From how to decide on what you may want to teach, to the tools and resources you may need.

One of the awesome things about creating an online courses, is that you can do something you really enjoy and make a passive income from it. This course is from anyone who is a complete novice and never produced a course, to people who have created off line courses and now want to learn how to take their knowledge online.

If you are like many people in the world, you have invested many hours and loads of money in learning new skills.  Now you have the opportunity to put those skills to great use, by teaching others how to do it, whilst you get rewarded for your efforts.

In this training you will learn,

How to decide on your course topic

Discovering who your target audience might be,

Choose your course type

Choose your course delivery platform

Create your course content

Course creation

Landing page secrets

Find your pricing and positioning sweet spot

Pre-launch, follow-up and keeping them engaged

Creating incentives that grow your list

Writing a client-attracting email series

and more

We will look at some free tools you can use to get started, as well as some paid tools you may want to use. Creating your online course does not have to cost you anything. You can literally design, produce, host and promote your course with very little capital outlay. So you can start making money from your online courses without expensive equipment and software.

There are 2 easy to follow, downloadable colour manuals to help you through the process. With various exercises and tasks to assist you in creating your online course.


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