The Advanced Forex Course for Smart Traders


By the end of course you will achieve a number of things that you can take away and use in your Forex Trading for the rest of your life. You will know:

  • How to find damn-good set-ups and time an entry
  • How to achieve your trading objectives through position-sizing
  • How to protect yourself from losses
  • How to trade the market that is in front of you with complex exits
  • How to trade low-risk ideas
  • How to stay calm and be mistake free for perfect order execution
  • and more!

A 16 page interactive Forex trading system template

Throughout the course you will be working on your trading plan. The course covers the topics in the graphic below which you will integrate into your own personalized trading system.

To do this we provide you with an interactive trading plan template called “My Trading System” which will ultimately tell you:

  • What to trade
  • How much to trade
  • When to trade
  • When to exit the trade


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