Protect Your Business during Coronavirus

COVID-19, better known as coronavirus has been spreading in hundreds of nations throughout the world. As several people have started to panic for obvious reasons, business houses are witnessing a sharp dip in their traffic, as well as, a surge in isolation. Entrepreneurs today have to protect their employees and businesses in the midst of the outbreak of the deadly virus. Protecting the business during the pandemic has greater importance than scrubbing it. As a business owner, you should prepare your business to face any kind of eventualities and keep your personnel well-informed. Here are some of the top ways to make sure that your business is healthy even during the outbreak:

1. A proper plan needs to be created

With the rapid outbreak of the coronavirus, several businesses are putting checks in place so that their employees and companies can be protected. A key step being taken by several entrepreneurs today is to revamp or create an emergency plan. In case, you did not create one yet, make sure to create it fast. An emergency plan should highlight the steps your business plans to take in case the outbreak has a massive impact on it. It should also outline the measures to be taken by you so that your business and manpower can be protected prior to a disaster.

Make sure that your plan includes the information mentioned below:

  • The steps you plan to take for protecting your employees
  • Ways in which your employees can get in touch with you in the event of an emergency
  • Actions to be taken if there is an outbreak at your business
  • Consequences on your business operations in case the business is infected

2. Make sure that your employees are updated

Similar to your supervisors and managers, any business owner has to also keep their employees posed. Coronavirus related news can be communicated to the employees via emails or memos. Alternatively, you can conduct a compulsory company meeting through a video chat.

3. Keep your managers posted

There is hardly anyone who likes to be out of the loop particularly when a pandemic like a coronavirus strikes. If you wish to protect your business, it is imperative to keep your managers updated and posted always. Make sure to keep checking the local and state news related to the virus and guidelines related to it like not allowing mass gatherings. Once you do your homework properly, communicate that information to your supervisors and managers at the earliest.

4. Set up a policy for work from home if possible

Even if your business does not have a policy pertaining to work from home, it is high time to implement one. Many businesses are trying to come up with alternative work arrangements so that their employees do not have to come to the office and can avoid social contact.

Based on the nature of your business and industry, it may not be possible for you to give your people the facility of working from their homes. You may not afford or have extra equipment to allow that. Or, the nature of your business is such that employees need to have a face to face interaction with your customers.  However, if it is possible, it is always good to contemplate implementing a policy for work from home at this time.

April 9, 2020

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