Strategies that will make other Sites Link to you

The internet is really an interconnected web and this is quite practical when you have a website or blog. It might not be possible to reach everyone on the internet by your own efforts but if you get many people talking about you, you might strike financial freedom sooner than you ever anticipated. It is much like the way friendship works; you are friends to two people, you are such good friends that they want to speak about you to their friends who in turn want to do the same. After a while, everyone has you in their mind and would like to meet you. In the end, you have so many admiring you and many others who want to be associated with you. Let us put this into perspective;
Create captivating content
Whether you want to write about your products directly is up to you provided it will make for some interesting read. People go on the internet every day for various reasons but very few can ignore a well-written article. How can you write your articles to get people wanting to read more? Everybody has their own style of writing and it might be a while before you know yours. The secret to great content is, however, to be natural about the information you give. If people are able to relate to what you are presenting to them, they will want to spread the word and there are those that will link to it.

Seek reviews and mentions
For some reason or the other, some people have managed to command an internet influence. Look at how some people get responded to when they tweet, post a comment or upload pictures and it is clear that everyone has their own level of control on the internet. If you have a product or service that you want to promote over the internet, it would be a good idea to approach such influencers. A simple mention of your business on their blogs or link to your website on their social media networks will create a stir and people will suddenly want to know you and your hassle.

Ask for favors from partners and friends
Charity begins at home, right? People you know are the easiest to speak to about your startup or prospective business. They may not promote you directly but just mentioning you on their social media posts could go a long way in boosting your sales. While doing this though, keep in mind that relevance matters; seek to be mentioned or linked in content that is similar or related to your own.
June 22, 2019

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