Create or Upload Designs | Launch Your Teespring Campaign

Teespring not only allows you to upload your own designs to the platform, but they also provide you with the capability to create new designs using the Teespring Designer, right on their website.Earlier in the course, you should have either created or purchased a shirt design. In this lecture, we will go over the process to add your designs to Teespring, and also how you can create and upload a new design right on the Teespring website using the Teespring designer.To sell your products on the Teespring platform, you need to create a Teespring campaign. After you upload or create your design, simply select the products you wish to sell on your design on such as t-shirts or mugs, add your title and description, select the price you want to set for your products and launch your campaign.In order to improve your search rankings, you will need to add good relevant keywords to your product listing title and description. Make sure you have your keyword list you created earlier in the course for your design.